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3 Main Categories Of Marching Band Instruments

If you’ve watched Drumline (2002) or Drumline; A New Beat (2014), then you must be familiar with a couple of marching band instruments. Music instruments make music more appealing to the soul. They make everyone connect with the music as well as be able to dance to it.

There are over 20 marching band instruments and most of them fall into three main categories; brass, woodwind and percussion instruments. While some of them tend to be bulky, they are actually lightweight and portable so one can carry and play it at the same time.

Brass instruments

Brass instruments work on the principle of resonance. The instruments spot a valve that you can use to adjust the pitch of the sound. By changing the pressure on the lips, you can also vary the sound pitch. These instruments are generally plated and polished with gold, silver or copper to prevent corrosion.

Brass musical instrumentsrely on air movement to produce sound waves. The airmoves along the instruments through reflection and superimposition which is further enhanced by the muscular movements of the user.This results in the air hitting the bells thus producing different sounds depending on the occasion.

Some of the most common brass instruments include trumpet, cornet, tuba, trombone, and abazooka. Trumpet, baritone, and trombone are the most preferred one because they produce rich sounds.

Woodwind instruments

Whether you are playing jazz, pop or classical, these instruments can come in handy. They consist of narrow metallic or wood tubes where sound passes through. Their simplicity is one of the reasons many people go for them.

The most common woodwind instruments you need to have in your musical collection include the flute, saxophone, clarinet, bassoon, and Oboe. Oboe works better with classical compositions, but it’s one of the hardest in this category to master. The bassoon produces both high and low notes though it’s rarely used in solos. Nevertheless, it’s still a useful collection.

Saxophone is great if you are a jazz and concert bandsenthusiast. Its ease of operation makes it common among many people. The clarinet and flute are good for jazz bands although the latter is popular among progressive rock musicians.

Percussion instruments

These are instruments you beat or strike to produce sound. Most folks refer to them as drums, which is okay but there are many different types of them.The common ones include drums, marimbas, plates, rattles, cymbals and sometimes a piano. The piano is considered a percussion instrument because a series of hammers strike on the piano keys to produce sound.

Percussion could be said to bethe cornerstone of music production. When most musical instruments had not been invented, drums ruled the day. Most primitive songs may contain beats from one or several percussion instruments. Even modern day music makes use of drums as one of the main musical tools. Visit: bandinstrumentsguide.com

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