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Different kinds of wind instruments

Musical instruments come in different shapes, types and are made of different materials; woodwind instruments are not the most popular among musical instruments but they are quite distinct in how they sound or look. They are however, easily available cheap to make and very specific to various cultures, some dating as far back as a couple of centuries B.C. These are some of the six most popular kinds of wind instruments that you should know about.


One of the oldest wind instruments and that is very particular to the Scottish culture. It is however, used in various areas of Europe as far east as Turkey and the Caucasus Mountains. It is called a bagpipe because it uses a pipe to blow the air in while the bag holds the air inside, regulates the flow and allows the player to produce the desired sound. The material used for the bags vary however in many cases it is made out the skins of animals local to the area.


It is relatively one of the most recent woodwind instruments, first appearing in the 18th century and developing to its current form in the 19th century. It is has a very distinctive shape, color and sound and is often designed to match the voice of a male baritone. It is commonly used for classical music.visit their official website for more detailed information


Bearing a striking resemblance to the bassoon in shape with a flaring bell at the end, it is also a woodwind instrument that first appeared in the mid-eighteenth century. There are many different types of clarinets that deliver different sounds and pitches; the most common ones refer to clarinets of a range of four octaves.


It is of the woodwind classification and unlike many other instruments it produces its sounds from the air flowing across the opening. It is considered one of the oldest musical instruments to ever exist with evidence that it existed since 43,000 years in areas of today’s Germany. It is considered one of the signs that music was an interest for the very early communities.


Considered both as woodwind and brass instruments, they are relatively recent. Derived from the clarinet family saxophones were invented in Belgium in the 19th century. They are commonly used to play classical music and one of the most common marching band instruments.


Cheap, small in shape with a lot of opportunities to make different types of music, harmonica is a useful instrument to play. One can play it in different jam sessions for various types of sounds. It originated in the early 19th century and can be made of different materials such as brass, stainless steel and glass.

wind instruments

Wind instruments are considered some of the oldest musical instrument known to have existed among humans. Arguably they may have even been used for purposes of communication in the past and not just for musical purposes. Today, wind instruments and especially those made of brass are a staple in classical music and are very commonly used in marching bands instruments.

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