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Everything you need to know about drums

Of all band instruments used to make music, drums lend the most soul to it. The rhythm and sound, though seemingly discordant to some, weaves together with other notes and lyrics to form wonderful music. That is why drums have remained an important part of music since times immemorial, even after the drastic changes music has gone through over the years.

It’s true: drums are among the instruments that have remained constant throughout time. A woodwind instrument, they made their first appearance around 6000 BC and have since been used on a number of occasions from weddings to war. The sound of a drum is created not by striking it hard, but due to its surface, which is stretched so tight that even the slightest pressure creates vibrations. These vibrations are amplified by the hollow body of the brass instrument, thus creating the sound we hear.

Different sizes and depths of the drum create varying sounds. In fact, various parts of the world have different kinds of drums, many of them often holding religious or cultural importance, such as congo, bongo, tabla, and so on.

From drums to drum kits to more:

The assemblage of drums has also undergone a drastic change over the years. Where earlier there used to be a concoction of many single drums beating to a certain beat, there are now what we call drum kits in use. These kits contain drums of various sizes and shapes and are assembled to produce a symphony of percussion sounds. See more here!

However, the kit does not only include marching band instruments but also circular discs called cymbals that produce an excellent high-pitched sound. These first appeared as an official part of drum kits in the 1930s and were expanded and added to over the course of the years.

By the eighties and the nineties, music genres broadened their horizons, and new, more electronic forms of music were created. The effect made an impact on drums as well, that morphed into smaller and more technical avatars. Today, the entire drum kit—which was earlier heavy and took hours to set up—can be assembled in one simple electronic pad, and played with only two electronically operated sticks.

Greatest artists and companies:

Over the decades, the world has witnessed numerous artists who have mastered the art of playing drums. Bands such as The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Nirvana, Muse, Linkin Park and more have been praised for their contribution to music and to experimentation with the instrument itself.

Playing drums is not only a part of music but a culture that has festered in the youth of the world ever since music came into existence. This is what gave birth to worldwide tournaments and furthered the popularity of indie bands catapulting the members from being just kids playing garage music to worldwide musical sensations. Once known only as marching band instruments, drums have now become an integral part of world music and will undergo more developments in the ages to come.

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