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Hand Percussion Drums

According to Merriam-Webster, percussion was first used in the 15th century to describe the act of tapping or striking an object to produce sound. It came from the Anglo-French word Percussion, the Latin word percussio or percutere, which means to beat or to strike. In the musical sense, percussion refers to a family of instruments that produce rhythmic sounds through the collision of two objects. Drums, triangle, cymbals, tambourine, xylophone, and maracas are some examples of percussion instruments. Hand Percussion Drums are generally played by shaking, rubbing, scraping, beating, or striking.

Drums are also called membranophones. Drums have membranes called drum head or drum skin stretched over a hollow body. The skin produces vibration when tapped or hit by a stick. There are different types, shapes, and sizes of drums. Some are big and produce bass sound, while some are small and produce higher pitch. One type of hand percussion instrument are hand percussion drums. A hand drum is a type of drum that is played with bare hands instead of a drum stick or any type of beater. It usually has shallow cylindrical body.

An instrument which is said to be a hand percussion instrument is always held in the hands of the player. The most common materials to make hand percussion instruments a large part of which are drums are metal, plastic and wood. Nowadays, people tend to make the drums lighter and more compact. Therefore, materials such as fiberglass come in handy instead of the old wooden and metal versions that are too heavy and bulky. In order to play a hand percussion drum you need to use one or both your hands. There are different sizes of hand percussion drums.to get latest updates, checkout this website.

There are different types of hand drums from different regions in the world. Most of them are traditional instruments and are believed to have been crafted in the olden times using tree trunks and animal skins. In the Middle East regions, they have a doumbek. A doumbek is a goblet shaped drum played by the native Arabs, Jewish, Persians, Turkish, and Armenians. Africa’s counterpart is called a Djembe. It is also a goblet-shaped drum. In the Caribbean and South Americas, their Tambora, is a two-headed hand drum commonly used in playing the conga and bongo. In the Far East and Indian regions, they have a hand drum called Tabla. It is a popular hand drum used in playing Hindu classical and devotional music.

hand percussion instrument

All you need to do is tap it with your palm or fingers depending on the sound you want to make. If you tap it near the middle you will get a bass sound. If you want to produce a higher pitched sound then the right place to tap it is near the edge.visit http://journalstar.com/entertainment/music/the-accidentals-to-feature-genre-blending-pop-at-vega/article_73bbf69d-9428-5cc6-8075-6b864b52e7e7.html for other helpful information.

There are other small drums that are accounted to the category of the hand percussion drums. All ofthem are similar and most have goblet-like shape. They originate from the Middle East and create great oriental sounds.

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