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String Instruments profiles

String instruments or chordophones are musical band instruments or played individually that produce sound by being plucked, strummed or struck, they can be played with or without a bow.read my latest blog post at http://www.silverspiritband.org/different-kinds-of-wind-instruments/

They are quite common, historical and come from various cultures; they are quite popular and come in various shapes and forms. They can have as little as one string, while some have many. Most range around four and five and can be played with or without additional objects. Here are seven of the most popular string instruments.


With archeological evidence dating as far back as 3500 B.C., it is considered the oldest string and musical instrument to have been invented. It is used by people and cultures across most continents. Harps are multi-string instruments and come in different sizes, some small enough to be played in the lap and others are too heavy and rest on the floor.


One of the most well-known and widely used string instruments dating as far back as 1900 B.C. It usuallyhas four to 18 strings but most are five string instruments that can be played with fingers or using a pluck. Newer versions of guitars have been developed electrically and it is one of the most common band instruments, a staple in rock and punk rock music.


It is one of the most popular musical instruments in Hawaii that gained worldwide fame in the 20th century. For inexperienced people, it may be dismissed as a small guitar, however, it has got a much more distinct noise. Unlike brass instruments, ukuleles come in the four common voice sizes.


A four strings instrument that is played with a bow. Also known as the fiddle, it comes from the same family as the viola and the cello. The sound of the bow against the strings produces a very particular high pitched sound. It is considered new compared to some of the other instruments as it originated in Italy in the 16th century.


The word refers to any string instrument with a neck. It was popular during the medieval times, and well-known for its distinct shape and beauty both in form and sound. It was commonly used by many recent composers and still enjoyed to this day.visit the original source for more latest news.


Emerged in 18th century, it is commonly believed that it once evolved from the lute. It is a plucked string instrument, pear-shaped with four strings. The cords are tuned to a perfect pitch and it is known for its being especially used by sopranos.


Less known than the six instrument mentioned above, this two strings instrument comes from China and is believed to have been used for centuries. It has got a very simple design with a round block often made out of coconut shells.
String instruments are a great way to enjoy music and learn about different cultures. They are some of the oldest instruments to have been invented and have played a huge role in shaping classical music just like brass instruments.

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