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What is the influence of the wall material on the wind instruments?


Everyone of us use different terms like for example related to the material used in the making of band instruments we often say that it is a brassy sound, it is a metallic sound or a wood material sound. But why we say that because we are describing the sound of the band instruments specifying it with material that is being used in the making of the instrument. The question that arises is that does the material have a significant impact on the sound of the musical instrument?  And the other question is that what is the influence of the wall material on the wood wind instruments?

Effect on material on the band instruments:

Well the impact of the material, we have to part the musical instruments into two classes:

  • The wind instruments and the others string instruments and percussions. Why this refinement?
  • Since in the wood wind instruments, the sound is made by the wind segment, though for the string instruments and the percussions, the sound is produced by the vibrating structure of the instrument.
  • It is a guess that the material is truly imperative, but mechanical property of the material the instrument straightforwardly effects the way the instruments vibrates and therefore affect the sound. For the wind instruments, this is not the same story.

Effect of the wall material on the wood wind instrument:

  • The material does not matter in case of the wood wind instruments, it is the internal measurements and geometry of the band instrument that mostly determines the sound of the instrument.
  • The second most important factor to consider is the quality of the surface that has a direct and significant effect on the acoustical losses. The considering factor is the porosity of the material that increases the acoustical losses which further lower the peaks of the marching band instrument.
  • This is the only reason that some of the brass instruments are moistened with oil from the inner wall before using it or playing it.
  • The materials molded into different shapes that produce different sounds but as we can see that it is not the material that effects the sound but the shape like for example there is a shape difference between violin and flute material can be the same.

Conclusion, CHECK HERE:

The conclusion is that the material is not that defines and impacts the sound of your band instrument, all that matters and effects is the internal geometry of the wood wind instrument. One can say that the material has the least impact on the sound quality and this effect is almost negligible as compared to the effect of the internal geometry. So whenever you choose an instrument brass instrument or wood wind you have to make sure that the internal geometry matches the peaks and sound you are looking for. It is the musicians and band which make the tone and sound different from others not the material that matters.

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